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Here is some information on what I use and how I make my movies.  You can also ask me questions and I will put them on here.

What computer do you use?
I have a 24" iMac intel powered 2.8ghz, 2GB RAM.

What programs do you use?
For editing, I use Final Cut Pro.
For animation I use Flash CS3 Pro
For stopmotion I use iStopmotion 2 Express
For picture editing I use Photoshop CS3
For Audio Recording I either record directly into FCP using the voice over feature, and for individual lines I use Amadeus II.
For music I use either Garageband or Logic

What other hardware do you use?
My mic is a Logitech AK5370 and my video camera is a Canon ZR 600 Mini DV Camcorder


Homeless in a Box 2006-2007